My name is Michele Mendez and I am a Senior at Temple University studying Media Studies and Production with a concentration in Emergent Media. Before I became an MSP major, I studied as an Art Education major my freshman year of college at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art. I am now transferring my art credits for an Art minor and am also working towards a second minor in Journalism.

I have a passion for both writing and pop culture and dream of becoming an entertainment journalist. My interests include covering all aspects of entertainment, including celebrities, movies, television and music. Being a Mexican-American, I also aim to share stories about those less represented. I am specifically interested in covering music surrounding the K-pop genre. I first became interested in the genre last year. It has taught me to be more open-minded to the beauty that many cultures around the world have to offer us.

More about me…

I am currently an intern for Study Breaks Magazine, the Senior Editor for Her Campus Temple, the social media coordinator for CelebMix and a writer for CelebMix, Fuzzable and Her Campus Temple. To see more information about my current and past positions, you can visit my resumé page, as well as visit my LinkedIn profile.

I am published on CelebMix, Study BreaksFuzzableHer CampusThe TabSociety19OdysseyThe Temple News and Buzzfeed.


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