Soft Sculpture

I made a camera for my soft sculpture project. The idea was to take something small and enlarge it. Here are the photos of the camera. First, I made the camera out of paper to see how big the measurements needed to be, and then I sewed pieces of white cloth together. They varied in sizes and shapes depending on which side of the camera I was doing. I added details, such as the buttons on the camera, the lense, the “Canon” logo, and the screen. I also used aluminum foil to recreate some parts of the camera. I then spraypainted it black and grey, and cut out small green and red shapes for the buttons, and then painted the words and symbols on.

I then had to document my work, so I asked people in my class for some help. Here are some pictures of me “taking a picture” of my classmates, and us “taking a selfie” with the camera.