I created a chair from scratch in my 3D class. We had to follow specific directions and measurements, and used the wood shop at the Tyler School of Art. After we were done doing the measurements, everyone had a similar looking chair. We then had to personalize it.

I added some pieces of wood on the sides to make it have a triangular shape, and I also added some pieces to the back of the chair so people could lean back on it. The pieces of wood added to the bottom are for holding books. I spray painted the chair two different colors, one is a peach color, and the other is a light blue color. I then added buttons all over the chair, painted it rainbow, and added some painted bubbles on to the seat. It took a very long time to finish it, but I’m really happy with the final product. I did not have a plan for the chair, I just worked with what was available at the art store, and what I already had.

I also included some pictures that I took for the critique that we had outside. Our professor lined up all the chairs side by side, and we talked about each one in detail.