Video Game Industry & Culture: GTA San Andreas

Why was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas such a popular game?

One of my favorite games of all time definitely has to be Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which came out in 2004. The game focuses on the character named Carl “CJ” Johnson, who returns home to Los Santos to discover the truth about his mother’s murder. The storyline contains different missions that the player must complete.

The game is also open world, where the player can travel either on foot (walk, run, jump, swim) or with a different number of vehicles (car, bicycle, plane, helicopter, train, boats, monster trucks, jetpack). They also have a variety of weapons to use throughout the game.

The player has a “Stats” bar, that list their amount of respect, weapon skill, stamina, muscle, fat, and sex appeal. The player can do various things to change their stats, such as eating to regain stamina, operating vehicles to gain skill, run/walk to lose fat, or work out to gain muscle.


The player can also go to driving or pilot school, learn martial arts and boxing, play basketball, pool, and arcade games, start relationships, go on dates, join a gang, spray-paint walls, take pictures with a camera, gamble, dance, skydive/parachute, and sleep.

There is also a money system in the game that allows the player to spend money on whatever they choose, such as meals, gambling, clothes, tattoos, haircuts, or modifications for their car. Too much gambling can even cause the player to go into debt.

I think what makes this game so compelling that it is so detailed, and the player can do pretty much anything. Although everyone plays the character of CJ, the player customizes his life with the choices they make. As one plays the game more frequently, they start picking up on some of hidden features, glitches, and hacks of the game.

Ultimately, GTA: San Andreas allows you to create a second persona, where you have the ability to do anything. I used to play this game every single day, and I’m sure many people have. Since there are so many options to make in the game, it never gets boring.



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