Gender in the Media: “Supergirl” #8

How does the TV show Supergirl represent gender? Part #8

Starting at 1:00, you can instantly see the gender stereotypes of the characters. The female character, Kara, is portrayed as as being very bubbly and enthusiastic. Meanwhile, the male character, Snapper Carr, is seen as very serious, with a low voice, and without a trace of a smile. In our society, women are always told to smile, while men are not. This is because society sexualizes women, and often view them as “eye candy.” As a result, women are pressured to put on a bubbly, cute personality to please men.

At the 1:42 mark, you can also see a clear separation between the two male characters and the female character. James and Snapper Carr are to the left, and Kara is to the right. They are physically separated into two groups, representing the differences and division of the two genders.

Furthermore, Snapper Carr intimidates Kara, and eventually, she leaves him alone, because it is clear that he has more power over her. The plays on the stereotype that men are more dominant, while women are more submissive.

Finally, when the woman tells Kara and Snapper Carr about her missing daughter, Kara sympathizes with her, but Snapper does not, and instead, he is more focused on his job. This perpetuates the stereotype that men find it difficult to show emotion and to sympathize with other people. Instead, they remain focused on what they value most, which is work. As a woman, Kara is represented as being empathetic, and is open about her feelings. She does not hesitate to give the woman a hug and to reassure her that she will find her daughter.


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