Video Game Industry & Culture: Casual vs. Hardcore Gaming

Casual vs. Hardcore Gaming: What Defines a Player?

I think that Battlefield has a place for both casual and hardcore gamers. Although it is part of a franchise, it is not necessary for new gamers to play the previous editions in order to understand a particular game in the series. For example, I am currently playing Battlefield 1, and I have not played any of the previous games, but I can understand it because it is set in its own time and place. The game contains several different story arcs that are told by different perspectives. Since it is new and original stories, casual gamers would be able to understand it if they were playing for the first time.

However, hardcore gamers would have a much better understanding of the game due to past experiences. There are certain fighting techniques, such as a melee, that exists in all of the Battlefield games. I found concept art of the melee being performed in Battlefield 1942, and this technique is still being used in Battlefield 1, although more realistically. Hardcore gamers who have played the previous Battlefield games would be familiar with this concept, but new players like me, would not have known this information without research.

In my research, I have also came across the “rock papers scissors” method, which is used in competitive games such as Battlefield 1. The RPS method states that there are many ways to defeat your opponent, and not one technique will make you win each time. However, with enough gameplay, you can learn to predict your opponent’s moves before they make them. Hardcore gamers also have knowledge about the game’s maps, weapons, and fighting techniques that gives them a better chance of winning in a multiplayer round.

There are also different types of players. The chart below shows three different types, including casual and hardcore gamers, and also players that fall in the middle. Characteristics that define each type of player include whether they are up to date on the latest game releases, how often they play, their knowledge of the game’s slang, how much money they have spent on games and equipment, and more.

My brother is an example of a hardcore gamer, because he knows the exact release dates when games will be available and he is also familiar with the terms that gamers use. He has also spent money on different gaming equipment and devices, and plays different video games every day.

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