Video Game Industry & Culture: 2D vs. 3D Graphics

How do Dragon Ball games benefit from using 3D graphics, as opposed to 2D? Which video game genres work better with 3D graphics?

The Dragon Ball franchise has been releasing video games ever since 1986. Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors came out in 2004 on the Game Advanced system. Like other 2D games, the player can only move either to the left or to the right, and when they do, the background just repeats. When the character also makes an attack, the blasts move off the screen and you don’t see the actual explosion or impact of it.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse, however, came out in 2015 and includes 3D graphics. The player can now move around while fighting, and the player’s perspective changes to where the character is on screen. The characters can fall down when they get hit, and teleport around the fighting area, like how they do in the TV show. The blasts are also much bigger, effective, and different from each other. The blasts from the Gameboy games all looked similar, and you would not be able to tell the difference between each of the characters’ blasts. In Xenoverse, you can tell which blast belongs to which character. Towards the end of the video, you can see the character named Cell throw a blast and it goes into the sky, and the camera pans upward. This is something the 2D games would definitely not have.

In my opinion, I think that fighting games work better with 3D graphics because players can immerse themselves more into the game. They are able to move around, and the fighting becomes more real and intense.


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